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“I've wanted to get these two very talented musicians on the show for a while and I'm happy that I've finally completed an interview with them. I interviewed Holly Frances Royle and Matthew Simon Fletcher of Disconnected Souls and Sensory Enigma fame.”

Michael Stokes - Future Music From The Robot Lab

“4th Best EP of 2020: Warring Elements by Disconnected Souls A strong EP with so many elements which grab hold of your attention from for the first moment to the last.”

Off The Hook Music

“The metallers from Chester, UK, combine classical and electronic elements with metal to create a dynamic signature sound. This new cover delves into haunting and ethereal synths, orchestration and heavy guitars. With the ups and downs of this year, 'The Power Of Love' seemed an appropriate choice in an attempt to bring some positivity to the scene.”

Insane Blog

“it’s not about the influences, but the way "that the band puts them together into something more unique overall that make them worth an investigation. Their knack for experimentation really gives them an edge."

Kyle McGinn - Dead Rhetoric


Music Of The Future

"‘Oathbreaker’ is the new single from UK metallers, Disconnected Souls. This single is taken from their debut EP, ‘Warring Elements’, which will release on Friday 13th March 2020. ‘Oathbreaker’ combines what is best described as a heavy hard rock track with a synth fuelled breakdown. Keeping a sense of the eerie and dissonant, the first verse sees Patrick and Holly’s vocals deliver an emotional and ethereal harmony."

Madness To Creation

"Included on episode 96 of the Local Distortion Podcast"

Local Distortion Podcast

"This is a solid effort for a first ep!! There's room for growth, but I really enjoyed what this band has created; very much looking forward to what they do next!!! Favorite track: Oathbreaker"

Tom Hanno - Tom's Reviews

"The single will be officially released on 3rd December, and it follows the release of their acclaimed debut EP Warring Elements which dropped earlier this year. The band comments: "With all the ups and downs of this year, "The Power Of Love" seemed an appropriate choice in an attempt to bring some positivity to the scene." You can listen to the stunning cover of "The Power Of Love" in the player below."

Terra Relicta

"For Fans of: @bringmethehorizon, @entershikari, @faithnomore, @nightwish and @cobhc."

One Of The Last

"They've got this huge epic sound with some souring choruses and some really crunchy heaviness. I reckon they could go far!"

Harry Young - The Dude Who Talks

"Based in Chester/ Manchester, the band wanted to create something different, something that incorporates a range of metal subgenres whilst maintaining a unique sound. The seven track EP tells the story of two opposing forces as they battle with each other and attempt to make sense of the world around them. "

The Metal Lab

"Disconnected Souls to release "Warring Elements" EP! Get the details and stream a new track"

Toxic Metal Zine

"This is my favourite local EP/album of 2020. This is the benchmark kids. Fucking brilliant. "

Daniel Schott - Schotts List

“The Disconnected Souls cover version is a different story. They handle the song in a much subtler way, diminishing the 1980’s feel and replacing it with a much more thoughtful and ambient soundscape. ‘The Power of Love’ really lends itself to this genre as it is a long and slow song, leaving plenty of space for all manner of synths and guitar sounds to fill the void.”

Charlie Smith - Off The Hook Music Reviews

"In their biography, Chester/Manchester-based Disconnected Souls aim to achieve three great pillars of music. Electronic, classical and metal but not only have they created the pillars they have built a whole temple to with their very impressive debut EP Warring Elements."

Dennis Jarman - Planet Mosh

"That was the fabulous Disconnected Souls and Divergence - now they are a metal band from Manchester and their debut EP is released on Friday the 13th of March"

North Herts Radio - Spotlight

"Good raw material, and there will undoubtedly be plenty of opportunity to follow the band's development from a precarious start to a solid style that could go and become quite exciting."

Camilla Rasmussen - Raven Rock Site


Rob Taylor - The Real Rob Taylor Show

“Since forming a few years back, Cheshire four-piece Disconnected Souls have worked hard on crafting a unique, atmospheric sound that, although rooted in metal, is drawn from a wide range of musical genres, and effectively showcases the band’s ability to experiment sonically.”

Zak Slowman - Muzark Reviews

“The single sees Disconnected Souls delve further into orchestral composition and the world of soundscapes to produce their own eerily beautiful rendition of the track. Holly’s vocals explore the lower end of her range to enhance the haunting elements and reveal more of the sounds the band can create.”

Madness To Creation

"This is so different and so interesting that I can’t give the EP the deserved summary apart from you’ve got to hear it to comprehend the sound this band tries to invoke."

Kess Anthony - Off The Hook Music Reviews

“Disconnected Souls have an extraordinary E.P. called ‘Warring Elements” which fuses “metal, electronic and orchestral elements together” to “challenge the boundaries of metal.” Hailing from Chester, haunting vocals, natural imagery and charging dynamics are feature walls in this expressive endeavour. I for one am very intrigued at following this band to see the high places they end up at!”

Emma Stevens - Musik Magazine

"‘Emergence’ and ‘Divergence’ link together to create a dramatic and theatrical opening to the EP. These tracks draw from influences of symphonic metal respecting Holly’s vocals and the use of orchestral instruments. The heavy breakdown introduces oriental motifs and brings a feeling of fantasy to the track."

Insane Blog

“Added to The Great UKTM Collaboration spotify playlist.”

Daniel Singleton - The Great UKTM Collaboration

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